Fraternal Brotherhood of Spiritualists and the Occult

Highlights of the Evening

It is October 13th,1894 and we are about to witness...

Special Guest Dr. Dave will be performing magic tricks and fortune tellers will be reading for a fee...

Guests may include Zombies, Vampires and Undertakers... with Pendulums, Palm-reading signs and Boards to test your gifts...

October 13, 2018

A Spiritual, Mystical and Magical Night!

About This Event...

It is Saturday, October 13th,1894 and we are about to witness the acknowledged and undisputed Star Mesmerist - Miss Morgana. None should fail to see her. She has traveled far and wide - over England, Scotland, Wales and now America. You are all invited to partake in the Brotherhood of Spiritualists and the Occult's Soiree, a Night to Remember! There you can test your talents and enjoy the magical tricks of Dr. Dave, our Special Guest. Perhaps you may want to have your photo taken with Miss Elvira or have your fortune read from one of our House Psychics. There will be food, spirits of all sorts and mysticism abound. We will conclude the evening with a live musical performance. Join us for this Esoteric Event. The hours are 7-10 pm. The location is the kNight Raven Chapter Hall at 200 E. Bailey Rd. in Naperville, IL 60565. (This building is on the Olive Trees premises). Saturday, October 13th of this year.

Definitely A Night to Remember!

Order of the kNIGHT RAVEN

TIckets will go on sale soon!

GROUP Disounts Available.